A Day in the Life of Valadilene Sedai, Mistress of Accepted

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Author: Aleita Taviah, April 2008

As the citizens of Colorado turn on their coffee pots and fetch their papers, our all mighty Mistress of Accepted, Valadilene Aldieb Sedai has already started her day. When her alarm goes off before the sun rises her morning has begun. After tending to her furry flock it's off on the road to work... With a quick pit stop at the local Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte it's straight to work. Once at work Valadilene Sedai opens everything up for her teachers before heading online to check her online charges.

In less than an hour the school is over run with students. And this is where our all mighty Mistress' day really begins. Dealing with everything from paperwork, datamanagement, overseeing meetings to disciplinary issues. With everything going to plan our all mighty Mistress gets to eat some lunch.... who would have thought! And it's online again to check her charges and her beloved Red Ajah Sisters. After a swift lunch it's back to the daily grind for our Mistress.

Once the students finally leave Vala Sedai gets to enjoy some time with the staff before everyone heads home. Finally at 4.00pm it's time for Vala Sedai to leave work and head to the barn. It is now that our Mistress gets some her time, with a few hours to spend with her beloved Kona love. She spends time riding, grooming and feeding before it's time to be back on the road for home.

Once at home Vala Sedai heads straight to her furry charges to feed and care for them before making some dinner for herself. With her furry children fed and happy it's time to get back online for Vala Sedai. Happily pottering around online our Mistress finds someone to chat to, often finding her list holder Kasia or Accepted Myriam to keep her occupied. Multitasking (as always) our Mistress wiles away her evening watching some TV before heading to bed to read.

After her busy day it's time for our all mighty Mistress of Accepted Valadilene Sedai to take her rest and prepare for yet another day of running to and from, caring for her charges (furry and otherwise) and hopefully taking time to care for herself!