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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from The Shadow Rising, Chapter 37.


Aedomon was a king of Safer, one of the Ten Nations, before the Trolloc Wars.

He had a glossy black beard and is referred to as "villainous".

The song "Midean's Ford" tells about a war that took place between Safer and Manetheren, when Aedomon led the Saferi down upon unsuspecting Manetheren. Buiryn, the then-king of Manetheren, gathered his men and met Aedomon at Midean's Ford. As the story goes, the men of Manetheren were outnumbered, but they fought so valiantly that their courage touched Aedomon's heart, and he let the remaining Manetheren men go free.

Mat remembers the actual battle, from one of his "memories". He had counseled Buiryn not to fight Aedomon, but Buiryn had gone anyway. Mat does not think that Aedomon actually turned his men back to Safer; he has memories of dying at the battle.

Mat also remembers a fragment of seeing Aedomon's death at a later date. Aedomon, now gray-bearded, went down in a sharp fight in a forest, killed by an unarmored, beardless boy.


Soft, the winds, like springtime's fingers.
Soft, the rains, like heaven's tears.
Soft, the years roll by in gladness,
never hinting storms to come,
never hinting whirlwinds' ravage,
rain of steel and battle thunder,
war to tear the heart asunder.

Back across the blood-red water,
marching back with heads held high.
No surrender, arm or sword,
no surrender, heart or soul.
Honor be theirs, ever after,
honor all the Age shall know.
(Part of "Midean's Ford"; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 37).

It was "Midean's Ford." An old song; of Manetheren, oddly enough, and war before the Trolloc Wars. Natael did a fair job of it; nothing like Thom's sonorous recitals, of course, but the rolling words drew a crowd of Aiel thick around the edge of the fire's light. Villainous Aedomon led the Saferi down on unsuspecting Manetheren, pillaging and burning, driving all before them until King Buiryn gathered Manetheren's strength, and the men of Manetheren met the Saferi at Midean's Ford, holding, though heavily outnumbered, through three days of unrelenting battle, while the river ran red and vultures blacked the sky. On the third day, numbers dwindling, hope fading, Buiryn and his men fought their way across the ford in a desperate sortie, driving deep into Aedomon's horde, seeking to turn the enemy back by killing Aedomon himself. But forces too great to overpower swept in around them, trapping them, driving them ever in on themselves. Surrounding their king and the Red Eagle banner, they fought on, refusing surender even when their doom became clear. (Mat; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 37)

It had not been that way, of course. Mat could remember -- Light, I don't want to! But it came anyway -- he remembered counseling Buiryn not to accept the offer, being told in return that the smallest chance was better than none. Aedomon, glossy black beard hanging below the steel mesh that veiled his face, drew his spearmen back, waited until they were strung out and nearly to the ford before the hidden archers rose and the cavalry charged in. As for turning back to Safer.... Mat did not think so. His last memory at the ford was trying to keep his feet, waist-deep in the river with three arrows in him, but there was something later, a fragment. Seeing Aedomon, gray-bearded now, go down in a sharp fight in a forest, toppling from his rearing horse, the spear in his back put there by an unarmored, beardless boy. This was worse than the holes had been. (Mat; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 37)