Age of Legends References: The Great Hunt

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Author: Eireann Namar

  1. p.xi: Bors (Jaichim Carridin) thinks about how the Forsaken were trapped at Shayol Ghul with the Dark One, and about how saidin was tainted by that action.
Chapter 1
  1. p.5-6: Lan tells Rand how Aes Sedai made swords with the One Power during the War of the Shadow. He also talks about other weapons that used the One Power to destroy. Both Lan's and Rand's swords were made by Aes Sedai during the War of the Shadow. Rand's sword was specifically made for a Blademaster, while Lan's was made as a common soldier's blade; that common blade was eventually passed down by the Kings of Malkier.
Chapter 5
  1. p.65: Siuan shows Moiraine the Horn of Valere. Lord Agelmar has handed it over to the Amyrlin.
  2. p.67: Moiraine shows Siuan the broken cuendillar seal found at the Eye of the World. It is one of the seals on the Dark One's prison.
Chapter 6
  1. p.97: Lord Ingtar tells Rand that the Horn of Valere has been stolen from Fal Dara keep.
Chapter 7
  1. p.105-109: Verin shares the dark prophecy found written on the dungeon wall with Siuan and Moiraine.
    • a. "Daughter of the Night, she walks again" - interpreted to mean that Lanfear is loose. Lanfear is said to be the second most powerful of the Forsaken after Ishamael. Lanfear had been Lews Therin's lover before he met his wife, Ilyena.
    • b. "The Ancient Tree" - rumors persist that the nation of Almoth possessed a branch of Avendesora. Also, Taraboners claim to be descended from rulers and nobles from the Age of Legends. Domani also claim descent from the people who made the Tree of Life during the Age of Legends.
Chapter 8
  1. p.126: Moiraine tells Rand that the male Aes Sedai (who could teach him to use saidin) are three thousand years dead.
Chapter 9
  1. p.162: Bayle Domon has a lightstick from the Age of Legends. It looks like a glass rod, "thicker than his thumb and not quite as long as his forearm." When you hold it, it glows.
  2. p.162-163: Domon also owns a small ivory figure of a man holding a sword. This object may be an angreal.
  3. p.163: Domon possesses a cuendillar disc that has the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai on it. Unknown to Domon, this is a seal on the Dark One's prison.
Chapter 11
  1. p.192: Moiraine has Lord Ingtar give Rand Lews Therin's banner once the men are south of the Erinin.
Chapter 12
  1. p.210: Egwene thinks about how the male Aes Sedai broke the world during the Age of Legends, not the female Aes Sedai.
Chapter 13
  1. p.217: Loial tells Rand about the Portal Stone which took them to the false mirror of their world. Loial believes that Aes Sedai during the Age of Legends could use the Stones to travel between different places and different worlds. Rand thinks that he could have channeled through the Portal Stone, since there were male Aes Sedai during the Age of Legends. However, Loial claims that the Stones are older than the Age of Legends.
Chapter 16
  1. p.258: After Rand, Loial and Hurin meet Selene, Loial tells Rand that Selene knows more about history than the Ogier Elders, specifically about the Age of Legends. Selene tells Loial that the worlds reached by the Stones were the Aes Sedai's basis for the Ways.
  2. p.260: Selene tells Rand about a book called Mirrors of the Wheel, which must have been written during the Age of Legends.
Chapter 18
  1. p.277: The Amyrlin, Siuan Sanche, mentions that the records say that Aes Sedai in the Age of Legends could fly.
Chapter 21
  1. p.315: Captain Caldevwin tells Rand that the partially unearthed statue Rand saw in Tremonsien is from the Age of Legends.
Chapter 22
  1. p.329: Moiraine asks Vandene what she knows about Lanfear. Vandene doesn't know much, but knows that Lanfear was linked to Lews Therin.
Chapter 23
  1. p.339: On her trip through the first arch in her Accepted test, Nynaeve meets Aginor and uses the One Power to fight with him.
Chapter 24
  1. p.360: Egwene tells Elayne that Moiraine told her that the greatest feats of the Age of Legends required men and women working together with the Power.
Chapter 29
  1. p.430: Egeanin finds the cuendillar seal on Domon's ship and presents it to the High Lord Turak, who keeps it.
  2. p.431: When Turak takes Domon back into his collection room, he already has a cuendillar seal in his collection, a seal on the Dark One's prison.
  3. p.431: Turak shows Domon his huge cuendillar collection. Cuendillar is slightly more common in Seanchan.
Chapter 30
  1. p.443: Rand recovers the Dragon Banner from the burning room at the inn.
Chapter 31
  1. p.451: Rand tells Verin and the others about his trip through the Portal Stones.
  2. p.455-456: Rand mentions the statue from the Age of Legends that he saw in Tremonsien. Verin asks him about it after she reads Barthanes' letter. Verin says that it isn't wise to meddle with things from the Age of Legends. She tells Rand that the statue is a sa'angreal.
Chapter 33
  1. p.474: The Darkfriends' trail leads to a Waygate, but Machin Shin blocks the way for Rand, Loial and Hurin.
Chapter 34
  1. p.493: High Lord Turak recognizes that the Horn of Valere's chest is from the Age of Legends and knows how to open it. Turak keeps the Horn as a gift from Padan Fain, intending to present it to the Empress.
Chapter 35
  1. Loial tells Rand, Mat and Perrin that some of the Great Trees found in the various stedding were perhaps seedlings during the Age of Legends.
Chapter 36
  1. p.521: When Rand's group cannot enter the Ways, Hurin suggests using a Portal Stone to get to Toman Head. Elder Alar says that there is one nearby.
Chapter 37
  1. p.523-524: Alar leads them to the Portal Stone, lamenting about the lost knowledge.
  2. p.525: Verin says that it is believed that no copy of Mirrors of the Wheel survived the Breaking.
Chapter 41
  1. p.587: Ba'alzamon calls Rand "Lews Therin Kinslayer"in a dream.
Chapter 42
  1. p.597: Egwene mentions that men were stronger in Earth during the Age of Legends, although she has Talent in that area.
Chapter 47
  1. p.659-660: Mat blows the Horn of Valere and the heroes of the Ages appear to battle the Seanchan.
  2. p.661: Artur Hawkwing calls Rand "Lews Therin" and claims that he is bound to the Wheel. Birgitte also addresses Rand as Lews Therin.
  3. p.661-662: Artur Hawkwing has Rand bring the Dragon Banner out and names him the Dragon.
  4. p.664: Ba'alzamon calls Rand "Lews Therin"again.
Chapter 48
  1. p.670-671: Selene (Lanfear) tells Min that Rand is Lews Therin Telamon.
  2. p.671: Lanfear says that Ishamael thinks that he is in control of what happens.
Chapter 49
  1. p.677: Moiraine shows Rand that she found two of the seals on the Dark One's prison in Falme, both broken.
  2. p.678: The Dragon Banner waves above Rand's camp.