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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Leora Oldessroth

Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from The Eye of the World, Chapter 47.


al'Akir Mandragoran was the last King of Malkier. The "al" in front of his name denotes his position.

Akir was married to Leanna; their son is Lan Mandragoran (NS, Ch. 15). Akir also had a brother named Lain.


  • Akir and Leanna are King and Queen of Malkier.
  • On a dare, Lain undertakes a campaign in the Blasted Lands. When Lain is killed, his wife, Breyan, blames Akir for Lain's death.
  • Breyan plots to kill Akir, Leanna, and Lan and take the throne of Malkier for her son Isam.
  • Breyan gets Cowin Gemallan Fairheart, a hero of Malkier (and a Darkfriend), to help her in her plot. Akir had only beat Cowin by two rods when the Great Lords of Malkier cast the rods to decide on a new king.
  • Cowin pulls Malkier troops from the border and Trollocs invade the country.
  • After Cowin is captured by Jain Farstrider, Akir kills him in man-to-man combat and weeps over Cowin's death.
  • Breyan and Isam disappear after her plot is discovered.
  • Akir and Leanna send the infant Lan out of the country with an escort of twenty men after anointing him as the next King of Malkier.
  • Akir and Leanna lead Malkieri troops into their last battle against the Shadow and are killed fighting the Shadow's forces at Herot's Crossing.


"The King and Lain were as close as brothers could be, as close as twins even after the royal "al" was added to Akir's name, but jealousy wracked Breyan. Lain was acclaimed for his deeds, and rightfully so, but not even he could outshine al'Akir. He was, man and king, such as comes once in a hundred yeares, if that." (Agelmar telling the story of the Fall of Malkier)

"Al'Akir wept when he killed Cowin. Some say he wept for a friend who had given himself to the Shadow, and some say for Malkier." (Agelmar telling the story of the Fall of Malkier)

"Then did al'Akir and el'Leanna lead the Malkieri out to face the Shadow one last time. There they died, at Herot's Crossing, and the Malkieri died, and the Seven Towers were broken." (Agelmar telling the story of the Fall of Malkier)