Altaran Character List

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Author: Sayerin Assnobahr

Adela: A lanky young woman with a pimply face, in breeches and a plain dark vest. Works at a stable in Jurador.

Aethelaine: The Lady of Jurador.

Agni Neres: He is a smuggler from Ebou Dar, captain and owner of the ship Riverserpent. He is 'a tall, bony man in a dark coat, with ears that stand out and a dour cast to his narrow face'. He hates women, but has a wife and children.

Alis: A maid in the Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar; plump and short; in her middle years.

Anarina Todande: A Queen of Altara of the House Todande, after The War of the Hundred Years. The fifth ruler of Altara from this House.

Arnin: A thug for hire in Ebou Dar, he is muscular with black hair, beady eyes and lots of scars.

Ashelin: A plump, pretty girl from Altara; a novice with Elaida.

Baris: A man from Ebou Dar. He is slender.

Beslan: Son of the Altaran Queen Tylin. He has sworn fealty to Tuon.

Bren: A servant in theTarasin Palace. He is stout.

Caira: A serving girl at The Wandering Woman. She is a 'smoky-eyed cat'.

Cairen: A noblewoman from Malden, a town in Altara.

Calwyn Sutoma: He is a bellfounder in Ebou Dar, cadaverous with long black hair. His foundry is outside the western wall.

Camrin: A merchant in The White Ring inn in Maderin.

Carin: A servant in the Tarasin Palace, dark with a grim face and short of her middle years.

Corvila: A weaver. She is captured and made gai'shain by the Shaido.

Cowlin: The Lord of So Habor, a town in Altara.

(Old) Cully: A beggar in Ebou Dar and a high-ranking Darkfriend. He is one-eye and filthy.

Darnella Shoran: The innkeeper of The Golden Swans of Heaven inn, located in Ebou Dar.

Darvale, Mother: A lean, leathery, white-haired woman in red from a village near Ebou Dar. The other villagers respectfully call her Mother. She has the authority to marry people.

Davindra: A woman from Ebou Dar, wife to Nevin, who is killed by Beslan in a duel.

Deirdru: A noblewoman. She is killed, likely by Semirhage.

Denal, Master: A young man from Ebou Dar .

Deryl: A large man with one eye. He works as a guard at a ring shop in Ebou Dar.

Elynde: A woman from Ebou Dar who is Setalle Anan's friend.

Enid: The cook in The Wandering Woman inn; she is described as being very round, olive-skinned and dark-eyed.

Frielle Anan: Setalle Anan's middle daughter. She works at The Wandering Woman, an inn in Ebou Dar. She is pretty.

Gainor Furlan: Innkeeper of the Wayland's Forge in Remen, Altara. He is plump and bald and has brown eyes and a pink face.

Habiger: A general who had plotted with Beslan to rebel against the Seanchan

Haesel: A servant in the Tarasin Palace; she is slim, young and pretty, with short black hair, olive-colored skin and black eyes.

Heilin, Mistress: Innkeeper of The White Ring inn, Maderin, she is a round woman with suspiciously black hair beneath a white lace cap, stuffed into a gray dress that isembroidered in red and green across an ample bosom.

Hurd: A worker at a stable in Jurador, he is a squat man with about three white hairs and no teeth at all.

Jasfer Anan: A fisherman in Ebou Dar, husband to Setalle Anan. He is muscular and has lots of dueling scars.

Jen: A servant working in the Tarasin Palace. He is young and short.

Jera: A young waitress at The White Ring inn in Maderin.

Jillien: A goldsmith. She is staying with the Kin when they have to flee.

Jonan Adley: An Asha'man soldier in his mid twenties. He has thick black eyebrows. He was killed fighting the Seanchan when Rand lost control of the Power.

Kathana: An innkeeper in Ebou Dar, married to a Seanchan man named Jame.

Keilar: A stocky fellow who works for Lord Nathin Sarmain Vendare.

Kostelle: A merchant in The White Ring inn in Maderin.

Laren: A servant who works in the Tarasin Palace. She is round and stately, with a touch of gray in her hair and black eyes.

Leich, Mother: She is a healer from Remen.

Leral Anan: A girl who serves in The Wandering Woman inn.

Loya: A slender woman with bee-stung lips who works as a maid in the Tarasin Palace.

Lydel Elonid: A businessman from Ebou Dar.

Madic: A servant who works in the Tarasin Palace, and a Darkfriend. He is balding, square-faced and has a self-satisfied air. Moridin accidentally kills him in a fit of anger.

Malalin: A noble who plotted with Beslan to rebel against the Seanchan.

Malien: A noblewoman. She is staying with the Kin when they have to flee.

Marah Anan: One of Setalle Anan's daughters who works at The Wandering Woman inn in Ebou Dar. She is plump and has hazel eyes.

Masic: A man from Ebou Dar. He is tall and large. Elayne and Birgitte see how Baris wounds Masic mortally in a knife fight in the Rahad. Asra (one of the Kin, a Wise one, Domani, strong in the Talent of Healing) tries to Heal him but unfortunately he is too badly injured to be Healed.

Matilde: A woman who works as a servant in the Tarasin Palace. She is quite skinny.

Maylin: A serving girl who works at the The Old Sheep inn. She is beautiful but not all that bright.

Mistress Neres: Agni Neres' wife. He does not like her.

Mycal Crossin: A grain merchant from the town of So Habor. He is dirty.

Myrelle Berengari: An Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah who sided with the Salidar Aes Sedai and was elected the Captain-General of the Salidar Green Ajah. She has five Warders: Avar Hachami, Croi Makin, Lan Mandragoran (bond passed against his will), Llyw (after his first Aes Sedai Kairen's death) and Nuhel Dromand. She is from Ebou Dar. She has olive colored skin, dark eyes and is beautiful.

Nad: A muscular thug in Ebou Dar. He has black hair, beady eyes and plenty of scars.

Naiselle: A banker. She is staying with the Kin when they have to flee.

Nariene: A historical character; she was a Queen of Altara.

Narvin: A servant who works in the Tarasin Palace. He is stout and has gray hair.

Nathin Sarmain Vendare: The Lord of Maderin.

Nelsa: A shopkeeper's assistant at a cloth shop in Jurador. She is slim and pretty.

Nevin: A man from Ebou Dar who is married to Davindra. He was killed in a duel by Beslan, the Queen's son.

Rahema Arnon: A grain merchant from the town of So Habor. She is dirty and has sunken eyes .

Riselle: One of Tylin's attendants. She is beautiful and buxom, and attracts a lot of male attention. She gets married to a Seanchan man by the name of Efraim Yamada.

Ross Anan: One of Setalle Anan's sons. He works on a fishing boat with his father and in his mother's inn.

Saerin Asnobar: An Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. She has been a Sitter in the Hall of the Tower for forty years. After the split, she sides with Elaida and the White Tower. She has olive colored skin, dark hair streaked with white at the temples, and a scar along one of her cheeks. She is the deciding vote for Nynaeve's Aes Sedai testing. She provides information to Egwene.

Sarena: A noblewoman from Altara. She is stocky and has hard eyes and a thin scar on one cheek.

Spar: A Darkfriend from Ebou Dar. He is sent with some other Darkfriends, disguised as beggars, by Old Cully to attack Mat.

Speral: He assists the grain merchants in the town of So Habor.

Surlivan Sarat: An officer who works at the Tarasin Palace. He is a stocky man.

Tamarla: An Elder of the Kin and a Wise Woman. She is olive-skinned, dark-eyed, white-haired and lean .

Tarna Feir: An Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah and a Wilder. She is blue-eyed and has pale yellow hair. Her personality is arrogant, humorless and haughty. She becomes Elaida's Keeper of the Chronicles after Alviarin is replaced by the Hall of the Tower. She goes to the Black Tower to bond an Asha'man, but is turned to the Shadow.

Toke Fearnim: He is wiry and gray-haired. He owns a stable in the town of Jurador.

Tylin Quintara Mitsobar: Queen of Altara though her power is not very large. Her full title is "Queen Tylin, by the Grace of the Light, Queen of Altara, Mistress of the Four Winds, Guardian of the Sea of Storms, High Seat of House Mitsobar". Her only living child and heir is Beslan. She is short and has glossy black hair, slightly gray and dark eyes. She was killed by the gholam.

Vadere, Mistress: Innkeeper of the Golden Barge inn in the town of So Habor. She has a long nose and is dirt.

Vane, Master: A merchant and a Darkfriend in The White Ring inn in Maderin .