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Abaldar Yulan

Estyrien al'Halien


Abaldar Yulan is a Seanchan noble and fights in the Hailene (Reference: TPoD Chapter 24). His full title is Captain of the Air Lord Abaldar Yulan (Reference: WH Chapter 19). He used to be a morat'raken and is not pleased that his position prevents him from flying (Reference: TPoD Chapter 24).

Yulan is a short, coal-dark, fiery man. He has to wear a black wig to cover his baldness. Yulan lacquers his little fingers green to show that he is of the low Blood (Reference: TPoD Chapter 24).

Yulan fought against Rand's army and wept when the Seanchan lost. He had to order the retreat. Yulan did not look forward to apologising to Suroth or the Empress about the loss (Reference: TPoD Chapter 24).

Yulan met with General Galgan and Suroth when news arrived of attacks on the Seanchan camps in Tarabon. Suroth ordered him to send raken to Tarabon to hunt down Ituralde (Reference: KoD Prologue).

Yulan stays in The Wandering Woman in Ebou Dar. He had the best rooms, at least until Egeanin arrived (Reference: WH Chapter 19).

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