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Welcome to the Green Ajah Headquarters!

An Introduction to the Green Ajah!

"In the Trolloc Wars we were often called the Battle Ajah. We were the counter to the Dreadlords. And now we stand ready, for the Trollocs to come south again, for Tarmon Gai’don, the Last Battle. That is what it means to be Green." (The Dragon Reborn)

All true, of course, in Randland. But being Green here at means much more. Greens are all about passion and strength. Our passion has often – erroneously – been equated with promiscuity, a parallel that does a real injustice to our passion’s many facets. We do love men, of course; they are our equals, our brothers-in-arms, our friends, and, for many of us, our lovers and mates. Green passion, though, is giving everything you have to everything to do. When a Green offers love, compassion, friendship, or help, she does it with her whole heart and soul. When we fight for what we believe in, when we defend others and ourselves, we do so passionately.

Green passion is tempered by strength. That strength is about speaking up when there is a need, particularly when it involves an unpopular opinion, and having the courage to keep doing that – and to help your sisters and brothers-in-arms keep doing that – even when you want to give up, and even when they want to give up. Greens fall in battle; sometimes we are knocked down, sometimes we fall from weariness. But what Greens always do, always, without fail, is get back up again. We may need a helping hand – and we will always find one of our sisters’ hands ready and able – but we never, ever give up, we never, ever run away. This is why, even though most of life’s wars are fought off the battlefield, if we do choose the military we make excellent soldiers. It is the core of what we are. It is why we do not choose Green, we simply are Green.

- Wen Sedai of the Green Ajah

Green Mottos

"al dival, al kiserai, al mashi!"' - translated from the Old Tongue to mean "for light, glory and love!"

"We will be there."

VIP's of the Green Ajah

Head of the Green Ajah: Faeril Munlear
Heart of the Green Ajah: Faeril Munlear
Sitters for the Green Ajah: Kethaana Nia Khamara & Tree

Current Executive and Administrative Tower Involvement

Koyn Amyrlin and Board Member: Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin
Board Member: Dralyn Montsier
Board Member: Lireina Dormerus t'al`Bearach
Director of Events and Conferences and Board Member: Melisande Arneil
Membership Activities Coordinator: Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t'al'Djinn

Green Ajah (Time Served)

Green Ajah (Positions)

Green Merits

Green Ajah News

  • Sunday July 3, 2016 By Kassidy Rose DaiShan

Congratulations to Roheryn Sedai and Brandon Gaidin of DM on their bond! Welcome to Green, Brandon!
Congratulations to Roheryn Sedai and Ty Gaidin of SDS on your wedding.
Congratulations to Aryawnah Sedai on your wedding.

  • Friday November 27,2015 By Kassidy Rose DaiShan

Congratulations to Melisande Sedai On winning the Bid to Fall Ball 2016!!

  • Thursday October 22, 2015 By Kassidy Rose DaiShan

Congratulations to Ne'Mireth Sedai in her position as the Social Marketing Manager you will be amazing in this position.

  • Monday July 27, 2015 By Kassidy Rose DaiShan

Many thanks to Jodea Sedai & Roheryn Sedai for their service of being our Sitters this past term. Congratulations to Tree Sedai & Thoridyss Sedai our new sitters! Thank you Melisande for your service as the Heart past term.Congratulations to Kassidy Sedai the new Heart.

  • Thursday July 2,2015 By Kassidy Rose DaiShan

Many thanks to Lauraine Sedai for her service of being the Captain-General this past year and a half, and congratulations to her successor, Roheryn Sedai!

  • Thursday March 26, 2015 By Kassidy Rose DaiShan

The time has come for the Green Awards giving out at Anni! Congratulations to the Winners!
Most Helpful Green Melisande Sedai, Scariest Green Tree Sedai, Spammiest Green Kassidy Sedai, Green AmbassadorLireina Sedai, Lauraine Sedai, and Roheryn Sedai, Most Humorous Green Aryawnah Sedai, Jodea Sedai, and Faeril Sedai, Green You Want at Your Side at Tarmon Gaidon Lireina Sedai and Ne'Mireth Sedai, Green Table-Dancing at Anni Lireina Sedai,Green Wisdom Lauraine Sedai, Egwene Award Thoridyss, Alanna Award Jodea Sedai and Tree Sedai, Elayne Award Melisande Sedai, Green Leadership Award Morrighan Sedai, Quietest Green Reianna, Warder Most Likely to be a Pack Mule at RL Events Azi Gaidin, Green Umbrella Jaim Gaidin, Quiet Achievement Kassidy Sedai and Melisande Sedai, Green Creation Award Maresa Sedai.
See you all next year!

  • Tuesday March 24, 2015 By Kassidy Rose DaiShan

Congratulations to Roheryn Sedai & Ty Gaidin as well as Kassidy Sedai & Amarande Gaidin on bonding at Anni 2015!

  • Friday February 27, 2015 By Kassidy Rose DaiShan

Congratulations to Morrighan and Yngrot on your bonding! Welcome back to Green, Yngrot!

  • Monday February 9, 2015 By Kassidy Rose DaiShan

Congratulations to Lauraine Sedai and Azi Gaidin on their baby girl!

  • Tuesday February 3, 2015 By Kassidy Rose DaiShan

Congratulations to Melisande Sedai on her new position of Membership Activities Coordinator!

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