Darnella Shoran

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Darnella Shoran is an Altaran woman and the innkeeper of The Golden Swans of Heaven in Ebou Dar. She is a skinny, long-jawed woman with her gray hair in a roll on the nape of her neck. According to her marriage knife, she is married and has sons and daughters.

She strongly disapproves women meeting men in her inn.

She tells Bethamin "a pretty, yellow-haired man" (Almurat Mor) came looking for her.

(Reference: Winter's Heart, Chapter 20)


A skinny woman with gray hair worn rolled on the nape of her neck and a long jaw that gave her a belligerent appearance, she might have been a der'sul'dam in spite of the ridiculous knife she wore, its hilt studded with cheap red and white gems. (Bethamin about Mistress Shoran; Winter's Heart, Chapter 20)