Essay for Raising to Aes Sedai: Lifa

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Author: Lifa NiCrioi

Essay submitted for raising to Aes Sedai.

Siuan Sanche

Siuan is a strong, confident woman. Born of a poor Tairen fisherman, she was packed off to the White Tower as soon as it was realized she could channel. She has never forgotten her roots, and dosn't stand on ceremony for anyone. An accomplished puzzle solver, she was put to work by the Blue Ajah's eyes-and-ears, as soon as she was raised to the shawl, eventually rising to be the youngest Amyrlin Seat. She is completley dedicated to her cause of finding and protecting the Dragon Reborn. After she is stripped of the stole, beaten and stilled by Elaida, she doesn't give up, if anything she becomes more commited to that cause. An accomplished manipulator and politician, she convinces the Salidar Aes Sedai to raise Egwene as the Amyrlin Seat, then along with Leane and Sheriam, plays the Sitters of the Hall against each other. Siuan is in love with Gareth Bryne, but wouldn't admit it on pain of death.

But that's just a pile of rancid fish guts. The real reason I admire Siuan, is her natural ability for colorful language. She is a true bloody role model for someone like myself, who has spent the majority of her adult life collecting and perfecting a bloody exceptional, colorful vocabulary. Siuan doesn't just curse for the sake of it, she knows exactly when it is appropriate, and can make the situation appropriate too. These are some of my favorite, which I have adopted into my own vocabulary:

Blood and bloody ashes!!!!

Burn you for a carp-brained fool!!!

You pile of rancid fish guts!!!

I'd as soon sail in a rotting hull full of last month's eels!!!