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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Feran is an Aielman who belongs to the Seia Doon society. His greatfather is Sorilea's sister-son.

He looks much like Rhuarc, only younger, taller and more handsome, with much redder hair.

Feran has been trying to catch Enaila's interest for over a year, but Aviendha thinks that Enaila will teach him to sing before she gives up the spear.

Thinking that Rand has failed to catch Aviendha's interest, Sorilea tells Aviendha that she will have Feran look at her, since Aviendha has a duty to marry. Aviendha replies breathlessly that she will think on it, when there is time; she has much to learn of being a Wise One, and the Seia Doon have vowed not to sleep beneath roof nor tent until Couladin, also a Seia Doon, is dead.

Later, Aviendha tells Egwene that she does not want to marry Feran. His face is beautiful, but he laughs like a braying mule and picks at his ears. Egwene wants to know why Aviendha told Sorilea that she'd think about marrying Feran, and Aviendha replies that if Sorilea thought that she was trying to balk about being married, she would make the bridal wreath herself and drag both Aviendha and Feran by the neck to be wed.

(Reference: The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 23)