Jaim (Soldier)

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Jaim is an old, gray-bearded soldier (NS, Ch. 1).

Jaim is fighting in Lan's company during the Aiel War. On the last real night of the Aiel War, he is one of the sentries. Lan finds him asleep, even though he is on his feet without any support and his eyes are open; Lan thinks to himself that it is a trick that some soldiers learn, especially when they have been soldiers as long as Jaim. Jaim protests that he cannot have been sleeping since he was standing straight up, and Lan just threatens to tell his friends about it. Lan thinks that Jaim fears humiliation more than being beaten up (NS, Ch. 1).


"The camp held well over three hundred men, a full quarter of them on guard at any given time -- against Aiel, Lan wanted as many eyes as he could manage -- and before he had gone another two hundred paces, he had had to wake three more, one asleep on his feet without any support at all. Jaim's head was up, and his eyes open. That was a trick some soldiers learned, especially old soldiers like Jaim." (Lan; New Spring, Chapter 1).

Jaim's mouth hung open for a moment; then he swallowed hard. "Won't happen again, my Lord. The Light sear my soul if it does!" He sounded sincere to his bones. (New Spring, Chapter 1).