Jeordwyn Semaris

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Jeordwyn Semaris is an Illianer nobleman and a member of the Council of Nine.

He has a narrow jaw, which Bashere thinks he should grow a beard to hide, since it makes his head look like a forester's splitting wedge.

During a battle against the Seanchan, Jeordwyn, Amondrid, Gueyam, Rochaid and others accompany Bashere, whom Rand has placed above them. Rand notices that Ershin, another Illianer nobleman who is being sent by Rand in another direction, keeps glancing towards Jeordwyn as he rides away.

As Bashere surveys a clearing that they must cross during the fight against the Seanchan, Jeordwyn thinks that they should go around, since he is afraid that they will be attacked and he has lost too many men to damane already. Bashere agrees that they will ride around, and Jeordwyn nods.

(Reference: The Path of Daggers, Chapter 24)