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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Kireyin is an officer of Queen Alliandre's forces under First Captain Gerard Arganda. He is a tall and lean Ghealdanin. Perrin suspects he is nobly born, because of his haughty gaze (CoT, Ch. 25). He has a nasal and bored voice (CoT, Ch. 26).

He is an arrogant fool in Perrin's opinion, and likely many other characters feel the same (CoT, Ch. 26).

His pedigree seems to be the only thing to have earned him his rank, as there is no evidence of military skill or political savvy.


  • Arganda talks to Kireyin, who is about to command Perrin's escort of fifty Ghealdanin lancers to So Habor (CoT, Ch. 25).
  • The Ghealdanin go through Neald's gateway last, but Kireyin quickly catches up with Perrin. He isn't pleased at all at being relegated to riding with the Warders. Entering So Habor, Kireyin is upset at the stench. After trying the wine at the Golden Barge he tells Mistress Vadere, the innkeeper, to bring him a pitcher. He accompanies Perrin and the others to the warehouses, while grimacing at the inhabitants and sniffing at his wine. Perrin and the others check the grain they are about to buy before they hear Kireyin scream. The Ghealdanin tells them he saw a man walking through the wall (CoT, Ch. 26).
  • He and his soldiers are ordered to guard the carts and drivers and keep an eye on the winnowing when Perrin and the others leave So Habor for their camps (CoT, Ch. 27).


  • Kireyin doesn't seem to like Balwer, as he glares coldly down his nose at him. Still, Balwer always bows when the nobleman looks at him (CoT, Ch. 26).
  • Perrin is certain Kireyin would go back into So Habor, despite his orders to remain with the wagons, to convince himself he is not afraid (CoT, Ch. 27).


"Berelain arched an eyebrow at him, a dangerous look, as a man with any brains would see. Kireyin did not see." (Perrin implying Kireyin is an idiot; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 26)

"'Thin stuff, to be called your best,' he told the woman through his nose, and looking down it, 'but it might wash away the stink.' She stared at him blankly, then fetched a tall pewter pitcher to his table without saying a word. Kireyin apparently took her silence for respect." (Kireyin to Mistress Vadere, observed by Perrin; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 26)