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Author: Toral Delvar


Narg was a Trolloc who was sent to the Two Rivers to apprehend Rand, Mat and Perrin. He spoke to Rand, to try and get him to see the Myrddraal, but attacked when Rand refused and was impaled on Rand's sword. He had human eyes, albeit flat and emotionless, and a wolf's muzzle, with hairy pointed ears and goat's hooves.

(Reference: The Eye of the World, Chapter 5)


Vlja daeg roghda!” (Narg; The Eye of the World, Chapter 5)

“Others go away. Narg stay. Narg smart. Narg know some come back sometime. Narg wait. You no need sword. Put sword down.” (Narg to Rand; The Eye of the World, Chapter 5)