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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Rhian is an Aiel Maiden of the Spear. She has reddish hair and gray eyes.

She comes to Stedding Tsofu for sung wood with two other Maidens. When they see Ingtar and his group, they are ready for a fight, but Juin reminds them of the Pact.

From the Great Hunt: Chapter 35, Stedding Tsofu: One of the older women, the one with the reddish hair, said, "Forgive us, Treebrother. We remember the Pact, and we would not have bared steel, but we are in the land of the Treekillers, where every hand is against us, and we saw armed men." Her eyes were gray, Rand saw, like his own.

"You are in a stedding, Rhian," the Ogier said gently. "Everyone is safe in the stedding, little sister. There is no fighting here, and no hand raised against another." She nodded, ashamed, and the Ogier looked at Ingtar and the others.

(Reference: The Great Hunt, Chapter 35)