Saldaean Character List

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

Adelorna Bastine: An Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She is aligned with Elaida's Aes Sedai and is the Captain-General of her Ajah in the White Tower. She has three Warders, one of whom is killed in the Seanchan raid.

Adrin: A Saldaean soldier killed by a Bubble of Evil

Aghan: A soldier under Davram Bashere.

Alida Aldragoran: Weilin Aldragoran's wife.

Asne Zeramene: An Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah and also one of Black Ajah. She is bonded to Powl and three other Warders. She flees the White Tower with Liandrin and eleven other members of the Black Ajah. She is killed during the attack to rescue Elayne in 'Knife of Dreams.'

Avar Hachami: Myrelle Berengari's Warder. She bonded him after his first Aes Sedai died.

Belairah: A great monarch in Saldaea who had married and put her husband away four times.

Beldeine Nyram: An Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She is aligned with Elaida's Aes Sedai. She is sent to capture Rand but is instead captured herself at Dumai's Wells and held by the Asha'man. She later swears to obey Rand. She is bonded to Karldin Manfor. She was killed in the Last Battle

Davram Bashere: Marshal-General of Saldaea; Lord of Bashere, Tyr and Sidona. He is Queen Tenobia's uncle and is married to Deira Bashere. He is Maedin and Zarine's father. He follows the Dragon Reborn and builds an army of those men who come to the Black Tower, but cannot channel. In the Last Battle he led the forces round Caemlyn until relieved of command following Hessalam's Compulsion. He was killed in the Last Battle

Deira Bashere: Davram Bashere's wife; Maedin and Zarine's mother. She was killed in the Last Battle

Devore Zarbayan: A Bannerwoman of the Queen's Guard in Andor.

Ells: A noblewoman

Enkazin: An Asha'man soldier at the Black Tower.

Eran: A soldier under Davram Bashere who taught Faile to fight.

Faile Bashere: See Zarine Bashere.

Fen Mizar: One of Joline Maza's Warders.

Hachari: A soldier. He is married.

Hadnan Kadere: A peddler and Darkfriend.

Haster Nalmat: An officer in Bashere's army, present in Arad Doman.

Hamad: A soldier under Davram Bashere.

Garamund: The the captain of Graendal's guards in Natrin's Barrow, killed when Rand balefired the palace

Gilber: A quartermaster who worked under Bashere.

Janira: One of the Kin's Knitting Circle and a Wise Woman. She is killed by the gholam in 'A Crown of Swords.'

Jidar: A soldier under Vilnar Barada.

Jonasim: A great monarch in Saldaea whose House was almost ruined by a son who had a gambling problem.

Kalyan Ramsin: Queen Tenobia's uncle and counsel of soldiers.

Kashgar: An under-lieutenant of the Children of the Light.

Kazin: A stableman at The Gates of Heaven in Canluum, Kandor.

Keraille Surtovni: A Kinswoman. She is keeping watch over the Andoran High Seats.

Kirkun: A soldier. He died during the Trolloc attack in 'Knife of Dreams.'

Lady Torkumen: A Darkfriend noble in Maradon who commits suicide when Rand saves the city

Lurts: A cavalryman who goes with Nynaeve and Triben to Milisair Chadmar's mansion.

Lyonford: A great monarch in Saldaea who was known to have a temper when challenged.

Maedin Bashere: Davram and Deira Bashere's son; Zarine's brother.

Malain: A member of the army Bashere took to Maradon to try and save Rodel and the city

Matoun: A soldier under Davram Bashere.

Mazrim Taim: A Darkfriend and the M'Hael of the Black Tower; he was also a false Dragon. He initiates his Asha'man into killing Rand. He dies in the Last Battle, killed by Egwene al'Vere

Merya: She was Elyas Machera's lover for a year.

Muad Cheade: The Marshal-General before Bashere. He was insane.

Musar: A soldier. He is married.

Natasia: An Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah during 'New Spring.'

Nikiol Dianatkhah: A historical king of Saldaea

Pritalle Nerbaijan: An Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She is aligned with Elaida's Aes Sedai. She is involved in capturing Egwene.

Rylen t'Boriden Rashad: The first king of Saldaea

Sigril: Yoeli's sister and a member of the Lastriders

Rakim: A soldier in Lan's company during the Aiel War.

Rissen: A soldier under Vilnar Barada.

Ruthan: Weilin Aldragoran's clerk.

Sheriam Bayanar: An Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, and thus one of the rebel Aes Sedai; she was Mistress of Novices under Siuan Sanche and is Keeper of the Chronicles under Egwene al'Vere. She was bonded to Arinvar. She was executed as a member of the Black Ajah.

Shivena Kayenzi: An author and a philosopher.

Taeric Chavana: An acrobat in Valan Luca's menagerie. He is one of the four Chavana "brothers."

Tarran: A man who helped Yoeli overthrow Vram Torkumen and save Maradon and Rodel

Tenobia si Bashere Kazadi: The Queen of Saldaea; High Seat of House Kazadi and Lady of Shahayni, Asnelle, Kunwar and Ganai. Her uncles are Davram Bashere and Kalyan Ramsin. She swears to follow Rand until the last battle. She was killed in the Last Battle.

Teodora Kadere: Hadnan Kadere's sister. She is murdered by him for fear that she would discover he was a Darkfriend.

Teryane: A merchant's daughter in Mehar, Saldaea. Vilnar Barada would like to marry her.

Triben: A soldier who goes with Nynaeve and Lurts to Milisair Chadmar's mansion.

Tumad Ahzkan: A lieutenant under Davram Bashere from Tyr. He is killed during the battle against the Trollocs in 'Knife of Dreams.'

Turanine Merdagon: An Aes Sedai of undetermined Ajah. She is more than forty years dead. Beonin saw her ghost walking the Tower grounds.

Velina: An Aes Sedai of and a Sitter for the White Ajah. She is aligned with Elaida's Aes Sedai. She fled the Tower to avoid exposure as a member of the Black Ajah.

Venr Kosaan: One of Careane Fransi's Warders. The last we see of him, he is running into the house on Half Moon Street after he feel Careane die in 'Knife of Dreams.' He is likely dead.

Vilnar Barada: An under-lieutenant and sword-sworn to Davram Bashere. He is in love with Teryane.

Vogeler: A member of Bashere's army with him in Maradon

Vram Torkumen: A Saldaean noble and Darkfriend who refused to allow Rodel into Tarabon. He put out his own eyes when Rand saved the city.

Yoeli: A Saldaean who deposed Vram and saved Rodel. He was killed in the defence of Maradon

Yurith Azeri: A Queen's Guard in the Royal Palace in Caemlyn and a former Hunter of the Horn.

Zarine Bashere: Davram and Deira Bashere's daughter; Maedin's sister. She is a cousin of Queen Tenobia. She is married to Perrin Aybara and prefers to be called Faile. She was taken gai'shain by the Shaido, but she is rescued by Perrin. During the Last Battle, she has the Horn of Valere and becomes queen of Saldaea after the Last Battle.

Zarya Alkaese: A runaway novice. After running away from the Tower, she becomes a Kinswoman and a merchant. She changes her name to Garenia Rosoinde. When Adeleas Namelle finds out about her, she forces her back into novice white.

Zavion Gahaur: A Saldaean noblewoman and one of Deira Bashere's attendants; the Lady of Gahaur.