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Author: Taimi Vandene


Sara is the cook in The Stag and Lion inn in Baerlon. She is described as being a plump woman. She is a good cook who knows her own value. She is friendly to Rand and doesn't mind too much of Rand having witnessed a confrontation between her and Master Fitch. She has an old cat named Cirri and is very attached to him.

Rand happens to be there when Master Fitch comes to complain to her of her cat. People had complained about finding dead rats in the inn. Sara threatens to leave, but Master Fitch manages to calm her down again.

After Master Fitch has left, she calls Rand to the kitchen and tells him that her cat normally wouldn't have killed the rats the way they had been killed.

(Reference: The Eye of the World, Chapter 15)


"But if you expect me to have anything ready for midday, you'd best get out of here and let me get to it. This may be your inn, but it's my kitchen. Unless you want to do the cooking?" (Sara to Master Finch; The Eye of the World, Chapter 15)

"You mustn't take any mind of what you saw now. Master Fitch is a good enough man, though the best of you aren't any bargains. It's the folk complaining as has him on the edge, and what do they have to complain about? Would they rather find live rats than dead ones? Though it isn't like Cirri to leave his handiwork behind. And over a dozen? Cirri wouldn't let so many get into the inn, he wouldn't. It's a clean place, too, and not one to be so troubled. And all with backs broken." (Sara to Rand; The Eye of the World, Chapter 15)