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Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from A Memory of Light, Prologue.


The Town is the name given to a settlement in the Blight, close to Shayol Ghul, whose existence is known to very few. It has existed for 2,000 years. Darkfriends, a few children, some dogs, and the Samma N'Sei live there. Isam grew up in the Town.

It is the size of a good-sized town, though there are very few children and few buildings that could be considered inns. The buildings are built badly because they were built by prisoners who knew nothing about building, and some of the houses seem to be held up by the buildings to either side of them.

Thakan'dar is close to the Town, and the mountain of Shayol Ghul is visible.

Food and drink

The inn in the Town serves a dark alcoholic drink they call "fire," which Isam thinks lives up to its name. It is supposed to be related to a drink from the Waste.

Vegetables are served at the inn.

There is no way of knowing if meat served as food is animal or human unless you actually saw it slaughtered. Bodies of people who die in the Town vanish and rarely last long enough for burial because they end up served as food.


When Isam sees a child in the Town he wants to scream at it to run and risk crossing the Blight to escape, because death is better than living in the Town.

Everyone who survives long enough in the Town learns to kill a man.

Isam spent his childhood there and hates the place.

It is best to not attract attention in the Town.

Everything in the Town - for example, food and drink - are corrupt versions of their equivalents elsewhere in the world.


"This place was death." (Isam thinking about the Town; A Memory of Light, Prologue)

"To die in the stomach of a Worm was better than to live in this Town, and suffer what it did to you. Go! Flee! Die!" (Isam's reaction to seeing a child in the Town; A Memory of Light, Prologue)